All businesses are continually faced with risks. Managing these risks effectively is an important part of responsible business operations. We have insurances in place to cover many of our assets. We have financial audits, security systems, fire alarms, etc. One of the biggest risks businesses have is their staff, yet very often our management of this risk is at best incomplete, and sometimes quite poor.

We will take you through the following process:

We will conduct an Audit of your business.  The Audit covers:

green_tick Compliance with HR and IR Laws and Regulations

green_tick Conformance with Good Business Practice

green_tick Policies and Processes

green_tick Documentation and Staff File Management

You will receive a comprehensive report with Priorities for Action to bring you in line with requirements and TAKE THE RISK OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS.

In the second step, we will help you to fix whatever gaps we have found, and in the most appropriate way for your business. This will include re-orientation for management and staff when necessary.

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The responsibilities of business owners and managers have increased significantly. So have the penalties for non-compliance. And harsh consequences follow injuries to staff.

Do you comply? How do you know?

We offer comprehensive Workplace Health & Safety solutions that can include the following:

green_tick WHS Risk Assessments and Audits
green_tick Hazard Investigations
green_tick Incident / Accident Reports
green_tick Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods Safety Management
green_tick Developing Safety Plans and Emergency Procedures
green_tick Induction and Training Programs for Staff, Sub Contractors and Visitors
      See online_OHS below for information on our Online OHS Management System

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thumbs_up HR PLAN

Develop an HR PLAN for your business. This will guide you through the minefield of requirements and help you improve the way you manage your people and their performance.

The HR Plan includes:

green_tick Assessment & Benchmarking

green_tick Systems & Documentation

green_tick Coaching & Training

green_tick Risk & Compliance

green_tick Performance Management

thumbs_up STAR WORKPLACE STAR_Workplace_Logo_2011

Use the STAR Workplace Program to:

Dark_green_arrow establish a benchmark against other Australian businesses

Dark_green_arrow identify risks, management issues and opportunities hidden in your business

Dark_green_arrow obtain easy to follow information for a 12-month plan

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"STAR Workplace is like nothing else.

It is the missing piece of information I have needed to figure out

how to link my business goals to my people -and I have found the answers"


Everest Resources and Online Compliance Systems Pty Ltd bring you Online OHS and HR Management Systems. Our systems are cost effective online solutions that can easily be implemented to manage your OHS and HR issues.



Safer workplaces are better for everyone! By reducing OHS risks, businesses are able to decrease costs, increase productivity, protect insurance claims, support negotiation for reduced premiums and safeguard organisational image and reputation.

Our Online OHS System can help your business achieve these and also has the following features and benefits.



green_tick Employee Management System

green_tick Risk Management for the control of hazards

green_tick Contractor Management System

green_tick A Safe Work Method Builder

green_tick Site Manager for multiple location management

green_tick Detailed reports for Accident Management

green_tick Plant and Equipment Management System

green_tick Environmental Management

green_tick Automatic log of system reviews and modifications to meet audit requirement

green_tick You can create as many user logins as you like, at no additional charge

green_tick Minimise exposure to fines and penalties that in the event of an incident, could severely impact on your business

green_tick Reduced compliance costs

green_tick Reduced stress and worry regarding non-conformance

green_tick Monthly payment options are available

green_tick All upgrades of the system are free of charge whilst your subscription remains active

green_tick Online access from anywhere

green_tick Presents a professional approach to your employees and clients

To make things even easier the Online OHS System comes with an alert function. Now you can set alerts for:

Dark_green_arrow Policies that need reviewing

Dark_green_arrow MSDS Updates

Dark_green_arrow Machinery Maintenance

Dark_green_arrow Employees training or qualifications due

Dark_green_arrow Hazard and Accident lodgement and review

Dark_green_arrow And many other OHS issues

Does your business comply?

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Want to save time in managing and completing staff paperwork? Want to reduce HR risks?

Implementing an Online HR System can help you achieve this. The system will help ensure employment contracts and organisational policies are documented. Further benefits of the Online OHS System include:
1. Minimise risk -
Businesses must keep track of all signed documents. The online system features a simple database which will ensure documentation is easily located.

2. Meet your obligations - Research has indicated that 75% of businesses struggle with paperwork and compliance. Implementation of the Online HR system will keep your companies processes and documents organised.  Everest Resources can also edit and tailor procedural documents and / or policies to suit your specific organisational needs.

3. Save time and money - Organised businesses save time and money in processing staff documents. In built wizards help collate forms and have automated reminders to ensure that you don’t miss important dates such as probation dates and performance reviews.

4. Increase your hiring success rate - Professional colour coded documents provide a positive image about the organisation. Easy to use Interview guides and reference checks will also help to assist you in the recruitment process.

5. Keep up to date - The comprehensive reporting module can be used as a powerful tool for continual improvement and to manage the employment environment. Using editable templates for staff planning will also ensure that you remember to update policies, keep staff trained and audit your documents on a regular basis.

If you would like to find out more about Online HR Systems, click here to open a brochure.


DiSC is a workplace assessment tool used to identify behavioural styles. It measures different aspects of a person’s behaviour using the following dimensions:

Dominance - direct, results-oriented, strong-willed and forceful.

Influence - outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic and lively.

Steadiness - even-tempered, accommodating, patient and humble.

Conscientiousness - analytical, reserved, precise and systematic.


Dark_green_arrow produces simple and concise behavioural profiles which can be integrated into coaching and team development programs, as well as recruitment processes

Dark_green_arrow helps you to better understand the people you work with and why they behave in certain ways. It can be used to improve working relationships and to help individuals and teams work more effectively.

Dark_green_arrow profiles can also be used during recruitment to ensure the most appropriate applicant is matched to the job vacancy.



The online assessment feature means that workplace assessments can be conveniently completed online, with the reports emailed to the provider upon completion.

Standardised reports profile can be used by everyone in the organisation, regardless of their title or role. This allows consistency, and comparison reports between different individuals can be generated.

Individual profiling allows flexibility for employers and employees to understand their own strengths, weaknesses and motivators. It also helps individuals to better understand, connect, and communicate with others in the workplace.

Management profiling can assist in creating more effective relationships between supervisors and employees. Managers are able to better understand themselves and the way in which they communicate with staff.

Sales profiling can be used to help salespeople better connect with their customers, improve relationships and ultimately increase sales.

Simple diagrams and language are used throughout the reports to ensure that the information is easy to understand and readily applied.

Customised workshops can be facilitated by Everest Resources to maximise the application of the profiles. These workshops encourage coaching and support to ensure that individual needs are matched with organisational needs.

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Performance Management is critical in linking your people to the strategy of your organisation - "Linking people to profit". High performing individuals and teams lead to business success and increased profits.

Most organisations have real difficulties with performance management. Everyone - employees and managers alike - hate the annual chore of reviewing performance. It's too hard to face the realities of setting up a meaningful system with objective and measurable criteria. And even if we do this, it's then too stressful on both managers and employees to talk about the realities of an individual's performance, so all too often we just opt out. Research suggests that less than 40% of required assessments are ever completed. People don't like being judged, and the fear of conflict takes the focus away from real and meaningful conversations.

Everest Resources can help you to develop and implement simple and practical performance management systems and processes that really work. Then staff and managers can approach reviews without fear and stress. The focus moves from finding fault and laying blame, to a culture of continuous improvement. We measure individual performance against previously agreed criteria, and we can also measure the capability of the organisation as a whole. Improvement strategies are agreed upon and put into place.

Often it can be useful to have a third party involved in the performance review process, to provide a degree of balance and impartiality, or sometimes merely to facilitate the whole process - we can provide this service, bringing a practised and experience perspective to discussions.

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Need a HR Manager but can't justify the salary? We have the perfect solution. By calling on our team of experienced HR Professionals, you can access the expertise with a fraction of the cost! The benefits to you are enormous.

With our experience in Operational and General Management, we also offer Interim Management options for busy managers who need a break, or where some particular expertise is required on a temporary basis.

If you have a manager on long service leave, people on extended sick leave, or just need a break yourself........

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Our coaching and training programs are tailored to your individual needs. Once we have assessed what your business requires, what you and you staff tell us, then we can develop the program that is specifically focussed on your business. We offer a range of programs including:

green_tick Individual Coaching

green_tick Management Coaching

green_tick Executive Coaching

green_tick Team Workshops

Coaching provides:

Dark_green_arrow A personal, confidential sounding board

Dark_green_arrow An ordered process to help planning & prioritising

Dark_green_arrow An objective external evaluation

Dark_green_arrow Help in determining your key issues

Dark_green_arrow Commitment and empowerment

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Reflect on and

acknowledge your past

Recognise and accept your present

Realise and embrace your future