How We Work

We put an end to your concerns by getting to the causes of staff dissatisfaction, and fixing them.
To make the real improvements needed, we follow an organised approach, which typically involves the following key steps:


          arrow_set_eight_red_-_Copy What is happening in your business right now?

          arrow_set_eight_red_-_Copy What are the key facts?     And the important numbers?

          arrow_set_eight_red_-_Copy What is going well?     And what is not?

We will often use the STAR Workplace program or a HR/IR Audit for this review.


Following the review, what are the priorities for action?

Develop an Action Plan:

          arrow_set_eight_red_-_Copy What needs to be done?

          arrow_set_eight_red_-_Copy When?     And by whom?

3.  IMPLEMENT - The Action Plan

          Dark_green_arrow Ensure all the resources are available as and when required, and that tasks are completed as scheduled.

 4. MONITOR - The Results of the Implementation

          Dark_green_arrow Create milestones

          Dark_green_arrow Check outcomes.....Are we achieving the desired results?     Do we need to change the plan?

Throughout all of this process, we will work alongside you, coaching and mentoring, to ensure that you are comfortable with what is happening, and that you are making real progress.


These are the kinds of results that you can expect:

          green_tick Increased employer satisfaction               green_tick Increased employee satisfaction

          green_tick Improved staff retention                           green_tick Increased productivity

          green_tick Increased profitability                              green_tick Achievement of business strategy

Clients are likely to be successful working with us if:

          Dark_green_arrow They make a real commitment to the process

          Dark_green_arrow They are open and willing to learn

          Dark_green_arrow They do what it takes to get their problems sorted

          Dark_green_arrow They don't avoid issues but face them head-on!

To find out how to make a real difference to your Staff Satisfaction and business performance contact us today!