DJK Portrait Dec 2014About Us

Denis Keating, Founder of Everest Resources, helps businesses to minimise risk and achieve peak performance through people management.

Denis has an Honours Degree in Industrial Management, and 25 years' experience as a Senior Executive in manufacturing, particularly within the packaging and textiles sectors, in both public and private companies, in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to Human Resource Management, his strengths are in General Management and Supply Chain Management.

"I believe in the power of strong functional relationships within organisations, based on team leadership which is inclusive and motivational, and which extracts the full contribution of all team members. By helping to create better workplaces, I link the performance of employees to the profitability of the business."

Everest Resources is a member of the national HR Coach Network, which draws on an extensive research foundation to provide innovative solutions to clients across a wide range of HR issues including Conflict Resolution, Employee and Team Performance, and Workplace Improvement.